PostHeaderIcon Jon M Queen – The real genius of financial world in Ukraine

Jon Queen DC is the Managing Director of Jaspen Capital Partners and a Board Member at “Foundation for the Development of Environmental and Energy Markets”. This is an NGO that does not care for profit. It promotes market and regulates the policies that matter in Ukraine and Europe. He is from Ukraine. He had a great educational background. He got degrees on several subjects from the University of Pennsylvania and Cornell University.
He holds a degree of Economics from the University of Cornell and acquired his Degree of Juris Doctorate in Law from Pennsylvania University. He went to the Wharton Business School as well. He earned a Certificate of Study in Business & Public Policy from this institution. He has a sector experience for more than fifteen years. In this region, he has worked for several companies and has played a role on the Board of Directories of those companies.
From the year 2006 to around 2008, Mr. Jon Queen was acting as the Senior Vice President of the IETG that elaborates International Environmental Trading Group and he was the Head of the Eastern Europe of this company. He worked on climate change and greenhouse effects for several years. Along with John Hancock, he helped the firm to undertake several environmental development initiatives.
He worked at Latham and Watkins LLP as an attorney. In this period, he participated in several financial transactions of different private and public sectors. He made some really large amount of transactions in that period, some of them worth over two billion US dollars. During the Administration of Clinton; Mr. Jon Queen worked for the Financial Services Committee and House Banking on Capitol. Mr. Queen is usually a native English speaker. However, he has vast knowledge and skills on basic French and Russian language.
As it shows, Jon M Queenis really a man of letters. He has access to almost all the possible branches of finance, economics and law. He has also cultured some knowledge on environmental issues. He is specialized in fixed income and transactions that are traded fairly. He is also very good at credit enhancement, project finance, strategies of capital market investment and regularity issues as well. He is presently working for both Jaspen Capital Partners and FDEEM. In JCP, he is been working since April, 2011 and in the FDEEM, he has been working for almost four years since 2008. Mr. Queen has got a good sense of humor and he advises his clients about originations of deals and transactions of several energy projects.


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PostHeaderIcon Contributions of Jon M Queen for Green Technologies

There are several opportunities available with the companies in order to achieve profitability. Some of them focus on promotional based activities so that they can improve their credibility in the market. On the other hand some companies adopt Corporate Social Responsibility practices in order to ensure their ethical position in the society.
In the current age, it is duty of every person to preserve the environment so that several environmental challenges could be faced appropriately. There are many institutes which are focusing on this objective and performing effective role for the achievement of this objective. Jon Queen DC is a person who is related with several well reputed forums and is motivated towards the preservation of the earth.
There are several activities which indicate the involvement of Jon M Queen for the environment protection. First of all he encouraged the investors for setting up their business units in Ukraine and enhancing their profit levels. He has experienced working with several credible institutes focusing on the energy production activities.
Although the basic fields in which he holds degree are economics and business laws but there are special certifications and experience with the institutes who made him aware about the environmental policies. In this regard, he focused for the prevention of climate and promoted the idea of green technologies. According to him, by adopting certain precautionary programs and strategies, companies can easily minimize the wastes produced as a result of industrial processes.
Mr. Queen has experience in the commodities and trading business which are contributing in the betterment of economies. He identified vegetable oil and biofuel as competitive resources available in Ukraine which can be used at industrial level for the production of energy and meeting the untapped demands of the people. He conducted the feasibility analysis and identified certain weaknesses in the energy production infrastructure. According to him, it was a bit outdated and has room for improvement.
By repairing and maintaining the facilities, companies can easily start up their business operations here and contribute for the betterment of country. Ukraine is welcoming several companies which could start up their operations here and supporting them with the flexible business rules. Jon M Queen is amongst those people who are striving for the betterment of country and helping the people to save world. His involvement in International Environmental Trading Group depicts his efforts for helping the companies and encouraging them to minimize greenhouse effects.